Bike Locker Rental & Form

Bike Locker Rates

Four bike lockers are available for rent on campus. Bike lockers offer covered, secure storage for a bicycle and accessories.

They are located in the service lot on the west side of Nelson Hall (Lockers #1 to #4).

Rental Period and Rates?
$40 per semester. Fall Term (August 1 – December 31); Spring Term (January 1 – May 31)
$16 per Summer Term (June 1 – July 31)
$84 per year

Prorated Rates?
Rentals beginning in the middle of a rental period are prorated.
$8 per month for semester contract rentals
$7 per month for annual contract rentals

 Policy: Fee is subject to change prior to each subsequent rental period. Renter has a 15-day trial period in which money is refunded if rental is cancelled and the key returned within 15 days of cancelling the contract. No refunds will be given on lockers vacated after the 15-day trial period, but before the end of the rental term.

$50 Refundable key deposit.
Key will be issued with return of this completed agreement form and payment to NC State Transportation. Key deposit will be forfeited in the case of lost/stolen key; new key deposit required upon issuance of replacement key.

Bike Locker Locations

Rental Agreement Termination and Renewals

Upon termination of rental agreement, renter has 10 days from the date of the rental period expiration to return key or deposit is forfeited. NC State Transportation will refund deposit by check within 30 days of the date key is returned.

Invoice and renewal notice for the next term will be sent at least 30 days prior to expiration of rental agreement; payment and renewal form must be received by the 10th day of the first month of the new rental period or rental agreement will be terminated. If the payment/renewal is not returned in the allowable time frame, the locker will be offered to the next person on the waitlist and/or advertised as vacant.

Bike Locker Rental Request Form

Interested in renting a bike locker? Please fill out the following form to inquire about availability: You will be contacted within two business days regarding the status of your request.