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Spring Hill Lot Tree Work, March 13-16

On March 13-16, the Tree Crew will be in the Spring Hill Lot pruning trees along Barbour Drive.

Attached is a map of where the work will be done.

-Yellow shaded area: Parking will be taken offline during the whole project to avoid damage to vehicles.

-Green arrow: Identifies where the walkway is. This walkway, along with street traffic, will be maintained and monitored by the Tree Crew to avoid patrons being injured.

-Black box: Day one of pruning. This is where the bus stop is located and will be the first area that is pruned. The bus stop will be moved to the area indicated by the white box during this process.

-Red box: Day two of pruning. The original bus stop will still be offline during this timeframe. Walkway and street traffic will be maintained by the Tree Crew to maximize safety.

-White box: Day three of pruning. The bus stop returns to the original location with the area in red still captured.