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Employee Commuter Benefits

If you commute to campus by…Bus * Bike * Carpool * Walk
You are eligible for commuter benefits!

WolfTrails Program

At NC State, we reward employees who use sustainable transportation. Commuters who regularly take the bus, bike, carpool, or walk to campus help the environment, save money, and reduce traffic around our beautiful campus!


WolfTrails members receive:

Eligibility & Rules

  • Must be a university employee.
  • Cannot have an NC State parking permit for any area.
  • The assigned work location must be in a permitted area enforced by NC State Transportation.

For questions or to cancel your membership, email

Employee Carpool Program

A carpool is an organized group of 2-4 NC State employees who regularly ride together in one car and share the use of a carpool permit. Looking for a carpool partner? Visit Share the Ride NC.

Important Dates:

  • Carpool Applications Open: June 1, 2023, @ 10 A.M.
  • Application Deadline (to activate permit by July 1): June 23, 2023, @ 5 P.M.
  • Allow up to two weeks to process applications. Please email with any questions.


  • The carpool permit only allows one vehicle to park on campus each day.
  • A citation will be issued to each vehicle when multiple vehicles are parked on campus unless:
    • a daily permit is claimed, or
    • the vehicle is parked in an hourly pay lot


  • Two or more NC State employees must ride together to make up a carpool.
  • Each carpool participant must have a vehicle registered in their name or the name of a family member.
  • The assigned work location must be in a permitted area enforced by NC State Transportation; i.e., not an off-site location that does not require a valid NC State parking permit.
  • Participants will split the cost of a carpool permit ($387)
  • Each participant pays via a monthly payroll deduction.
  • The carpool permit is valid in the following locations:
    • Employee B Locations (B)
    • Employee C Locations (C)
    • Partners Way Deck (CC)
    • Coliseum Deck (CD)
    • Fringe Lots (F)
    • Dan Allen Deck (DD)
    • Varsity Lot (V)
    • West Deck (W)
  • There are no designated carpool parking spaces on campus.
  • Participants must reapply each year.
  • Carpool participants are eligible for the Emergency Ride Home program.
  • Each carpool participant is allotted 24 free daily virtual permits per year:
    • Daily parking permits are valid in C or CD areas only.
    • Daily permits are not to be sold, traded, gifted, or otherwise offered to an unauthorized user.