Parking & Transit Maps

Interactive Map

Interactive Parking Map

Interactive maps are maintained and provided by other units at NC State University. TransLoc TVS Bus map is provided by NC State Transportation. Low Vision? Call Transportation:  919-515-3424 for assistance.


2021 to 2022 Parking Map
2021-2022 Parking Map
Loading Areas Map
Loading Areas
Raleigh Bike Map
Bike Raleigh Map
Summer 2022 Wolfline Map
Summer 2022 Wolfline
Motorcycle Parking Map
Motorcycle Parking
Bicycle Facilities Map
Bicycle Facilities
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Map
EV Charging Stations
Service Vehicle Spaces Map
Service Vehicle Spaces
Campus Walk Times Map
Walk Times Map
Accessibility Spaces Map
Accessibility Spaces
Map of the Raleigh Greenway
Raleigh Greenway Map
Wolftrails Student Eligibility Map
Wolftrails Student Eligibility

Several PDF files are poster-size and large in data size and require broadband connection to download quickly. Raleigh and Greenway PDF maps are provided by other Raleigh websites. Low Vision? Call Transportation:  919-515-3424 for assistance.