Bicycling on an Urban Campus

Bicycling is a great way to travel – it’s healthy, fun, and environmentally friendly! However, because NC State is an urban campus and most of the routes are on-road, cyclists need to prepare and plan for the optimum, safe cycling experience. Make sure your bicycle is safe and adjusted correctly for the maximum amount of control, and know your skill and comfort level operating a bicycle on different facilities (off-road, on-road, multi-use paths).

Bike Registration

Bicycle registration is free & mandatory. Click the link below, log in to your online account and register for your bicycle permit. Registering your bicycle gives you the following advantages:

  • We can easily contact you if your bike is stolen and recovered.
  • Deters potential thieves.
  • Helps us to better plan NC State bicycle facilities.

Campus Police can also engrave your driver’s license on your bike at no charge.

Theft Prevention

Bicycles should always be locked when not in use or under close watch of the owner. We recommend a sturdy U-lock, which can be purchased at the campus bookstore. When securing your bike with the U-lock, be sure to lock the front wheel and the frame of the bike to the bike rack.

To avoid having bicycle parts such as seats and wheels stolen, it is recommended that quick-release levers be changed out for more permanent bolts to deter theft.

Video: How to use a compact bike rack.

Video: How to use a wave bike rack.

Video: How to use an inverted U bike rack.

 Report It: If your bicycle is stolen, report it immediately to University Police at 919-515-3000.


The following businesses offer discounts to the NC State University community:

Cycle Logic (1211 Hillsborough St.): 10% off parts and accessories with NC State ID (excludes bikes and labor)

Conte’s Bike Shop (3512 Wade Ave.): 10% off U-Bolt locks with NC State ID

Bicycle Maps & Directions

Campus Bicycle Facilities Map
Interactive Map

Bike Raleigh Map
Interactive Map

PDF files are poster-size and large in data size and require a broadband connection to download quickly. Raleigh and Greenway PDF maps are provided by other Raleigh websites. Low Vision? Call Transportation:  919-515-3424 for assistance.

Connecting Raleigh’s Greenways & Park System

The RGreenway application is designed to make the 3800 acre, 115 mile Raleigh Greenway system function as an integrated park. 
Track your workout, check in on Foursquare & find the best spots in the city to relax outside.

Campus Bike Route
Main to Centennial Campus

Quick Reference Directions (Via Morrill Drive)

From Talley Student Center 
LEFT – Cates Ave.
RIGHT – Morrill Drive
LEFT – Western Blvd.
RIGHT – Greenway Trail
RIGHT – Nazareth St.
LEFT – Centennial Pkwy
RIGHT – Greenway paralleling Cent. Pkwy
RIGHT – Oval Drive

Quick Reference Directions (Via Pullen Rd.)

From Talley Student Center 
LEFT – Cates Ave.
LEFT – Cates Ave.
RIGHT – Pullen Rd.
CROSS – Western Blvd.
RIGHT – Greenway Trail
CONTINUE – To Crusader Dr.
LEFT – Nazareth St.
LEFT – Centennial Pkwy
RIGHT – Greenway paralleling Cent. Pkwy
RIGHT – Oval Drive

For more detailed directions:

Showers & Clothing Lockers

Carmichael Gym (Showers & Lockers): For more information, visit Wellness and Recreation.

EBII (Lockers): Rental cost $20/semester or $35/year. Email

Bike Safety

Know your skills – Know the law

  • Be SMART
Fixit Stations

Three Fixit stations are located on campus (Carmichael Complex/Miller Field, the west entrance of Engineering Building II (EBII), and the Dan Allen Deck). They include 8, 9, 10, 11, 15 & 32mm box wrenches, Allen wrenches (2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8mm), 2 tire levers, Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, and integrated air pump. You can watch videos about how to do some basic repairs at

Bike Racks on Buses

Getting around NC State has never been easier! This program offers riders enhanced access to the NC State campus by allowing them to bring their bicycles along for the ride.

Bike racks (two bikes per bus) are available on all Wolfline buses.

This is about your transit experience, so please share your feedback with us! We want to hear from you. Happy biking (and bus riding!).

Did you know? Bike Racks are on all GoTriangle and GoRaleigh buses too!

Video: How to Use the Bike Rack on a Wolfline bus

Visual Slideshow: How to Use the Bike Rack on Wolfline

Loading Your Bike

  1. Prepare your bike for loading. Remove large luggage (including panniers), water bottles, and other loose items that could fall off while the bus is in motion. Be off your bike when waiting at a bus stop so that the driver will recognize you as a passenger.
  2. Alert the bus driver that you will be loading your bike. You must load from the curb or in front of the bus. Do not step into oncoming traffic to load your bike.
  3. Squeeze the handle up to release latch, then fold down the bike rack. You only need to use one hand to unlatch and pull the bike rack down, so you can hold your bike with your other hand. It is not necessary to lean your bike against the bus.
  4. Lift your bike onto the bike rack, fitting wheels into labeled wheel slots. Each wheel slot is clearly labeled for the front wheel. The purpose of the directional placement is to make the bike nearest the bus easier to unload. Please use the available slot nearest the bus.
  5. Raise the Support Arm up and over the front tire so that the hook rests at the highest point on the front wheel. The Support Arm adds lateral support for the loaded bicycle. Many bikes will sit in the wheel well without the use of the Support Arm, but the rack must not be used without the use of the Support Arm.
  6. Board the bus and enjoy the ride! Choose a seat near the front of the bus to keep an eye on your bike. DO NOT FORGET you have a bike when you get off at your stop – new riders often do!

Unloading Your Bike

  1. Inform the driver that you will be unloading your bike as you approach your stop. Use the front door to exit the bus. Unload your bike from in front of the bus or from the curb, not from the street side.
  2. Raise the Support Arm off the tire. The Support Arm automatically folds down to a secure position.
  3. Lift your bike out of the bike rack.
  4. If there is not another bike on the rack, please return the rack to the upright position by squeezing the handle.
  5. Step away from the bus with your bike. Always step to the curb, for your own safety and wait for the bus to leave before entering traffic or crossing the street.

Bike Rack Tips

  • While waiting at a bus stop with your bike, stand near the bus stop sign as a bus approaches.
  • For safety reasons the operator will not leave the bus to assist with the loading or unloading of racks. You are responsible!
  • Use the available rack position closest to the bus.
  • Customers with bikes will be accommodated on a first come, first served basis, with a limit of one bike per person.
  • Load your bike as quickly as possible to help ensure your fellow passengers reach their destination on time.
  • After mounting your bike, you can give your bike a quick shake to make sure it’s fully in place.
  • Bicycle locks may not be used on the bikes on the rack. It is the customer’s responsibility to observe his/her own bicycle during the trip. Operators will not monitor them.
  • The bike rack accommodates all bicycle types with wheels larger than 16″ in diameter, excluding tandems and recumbents. No motorized bikes permitted.
  • Customers use the Wolfline bicycle racks at their own risk. Wolfline and NC State assume no responsibility for bikes that are lost, stolen, damaged or left on racks.
  • Non-standard bikes that are tall enough to obstruct a bus operator’s view, recumbent bikes, tandem bikes, or bikes that won’t fit into the rack may not be taken on the bus. Items that protrude from the bicycle, such as flags/poles are not allowed. Motorized bikes are also prohibited. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • Folding bikes should be folded and taken with you onto the bus. No other bikes will be permitted onboard.
  • If you notice any problem with a rack, notify the bus operator and wait for the next bus it’s best for everyone s safety (as well as for the well-being of your bike!) Operator is the ultimate decider about bike rack carrying safety.
  • If the rack is full at your stop, and no bikes are removed, then wait for the next bus; lock your bike at the nearest permanent bike rack; or ride the bike all the way to campus. Please do not lock bikes to bus sign poles.
Bicycle Impoundment

Bicycles parked at or locked to anything other than a bike rack are subject to impoundment. This includes:

  • next to a yellow curb
  • on the sidewalk
  • in a driveway
  • against trees or posts
  • in stairways or on handrails
  • in hallways or classrooms
  • at building entrances
  • in any manner which could impede the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  • parking meters or signposts

Campus policies state that bicycles left at racks for long periods of time (as to indicate abandonment) will also be impounded and surrendered to State Surplus. If you suspect that your bike has been impounded, contact Transportation: 919-515-3424.