Departmental Permits

Departmental Permits

Departmental Permit Uses

Departmental Permit Uses: Departments may purchase parking permits for vehicles that park on campus. Permits will be issued based on the need and use of the vehicle.

Departmental Permit Payment

Payment for Departmental Permits: Use Service Unit Billing for payment of permits. Service Unit Billing cannot be used to purchase individual employee permits.

Departmental Permit Choices

Service Vehicle

Qualifying Vehicles: Government-licensed vehicles owned or leased by campus departments.

Parking Designation: Close proximity parking for service people maintaining buildings who need close access to service trucks and tools.

$560 per year (FY 20-21)

University Vehicle

Qualifying Vehicles: Government-licensed vehicles owned or leased by campus departments used for any purpose other than providing service.

Parking Designation: Access to any designated UV space.

$528per year (FY 20-21)

Load/Unload Permit/Gate Card Combo Hangtag

Save Money! Intended to provide and encourage parking of state-licensed vehicles in lower demand parking areas.

Qualifications: Departments with short-term loading and unloading needs requested by department heads.

Parking Designation: Access to all designated 30-minute time-limited loading/unloading spaces.
Access for the government-licensed vehicle to park on the top level of Dan Allen Deck with no additional permit required.

Cost: $45 annual fee (FY 20-21)

Service Provider

Qualifying Vehicles: Non-government-licensed vehicle, personal vehicles, or vehicles not affiliated with campus used by individuals who repair or maintain campus buildings, equipment, or infrastructure.

Parking Designation: Access to any designated SV space.

$768 per year (FY 20-21)

University Departmental Use

Qualifications: Permit to be loaned to staff, graduate students or others on a temporary basis as needed to accomplish the department mission; used for privately-owned vehicles except those vehicles exempted via the Service Provider (SP) permit. Not to be used for government-licensed vehicles. 

Parking Designation: Access to all unreserved spaces EXCEPT Resident Zones: East (RE), West (RW), Wolf Ridge (RC), Centennial (RC), Storage (RS)

$528 per year (FY 20-21)

Front Vanity License Plate Program

Qualifications: A vanity license plate to be displayed on the front bumper if the vehicle will be backed into a parking space. The vehicle must have a valid parking credential. The vanity plate must match the rear license plate. Order a front license plate here. Orders are placed on the 15th of each month.

$5 one time charge

Request a Departmental Permit

To request a departmental permit, complete the online departmental permit order form.

Before completing the order form, be sure you know:

  • The type of permit needed
  • The number of permits needed
  • The appropriate Project Code number to be billed

Transportation’s account number is displayed on the letter sent to all departmental contacts (above your name).

Departmental Permits for Invited Guests

Departments may also authorize invited guests to purchase a parking permit online. Departmental guest permits are $10 per day. For more information, contact Chris Dobek.