Alternative Transportation FAQ

Alternative Transportation FAQ


How do I register my bike?

By logging into your AIMS account.

Do I need a permit for my bicycle?

Yes, bicycle registration is mandatory. Registering your bike will enable us to contact you if your bike is stolen and recovered. Bikes can be registered for free online. Registering your bike also helps us plan for adequate bicycle facilities. For added security, Campus Police can also engrave your driver’s license number on your bike.


What is Spin?

Headquartered in San Francisco, Spin is a leading micromobility company and a unit of Ford Mobility. As a trusted and reliable partner, Spin currently operates electric scooters in many cities and universities nationwide.

How much will it cost to ride a Spin scooter at NC State?

Sign in to the Spin app for the most up-to-date pricing for rides that originate on NC State’s campus.

How fast will the scooters and e-bikes go?

Spin scooters in NC State will have a top speed of 15 mph. E-bikes will have a top speed of 20 mph. 

What is the fleet size?

Spin will start with a fleet of 300 scooters and 50 e-bikes will adjust that number based on demand over the course of the program. 

Where will Spin scooters be deployed?

Spin scooters will be deployed on North, Central, South, and Centennial Campuses.

Where are the No Ride Zones?

Maps of the no ride zones are always visible within the Spin app.

How do you start a ride?

To rent scooters, riders will download the Spin app on their smartphones and unlock the vehicles by scanning their unique QR codes.

Am I allowed to bring a personal electric scooter to campus? Can I park it on a bicycle rack?

Personal electric scooters are allowed on campus. If living on campus, please check the Housing Community Standards. We do ask that you wear personal protective gear (such as a helmet) while riding on campus. Additionally, you can park your scooter on a bike rack.


How long would it take to walk from one of the major buildings to another on average?

Visit our website for more information about walking on campus as well as a downloadable walk time map. Depending on the route you take and your specific pace, your actual walk time may vary.


What if there is an emergency and I need to get home?

All NC State employees who use an alternative mode for their commute to campus are eligible for GoTriangle’s FREE emergency ride home program (ERH). To qualify for ERH, you must be a part-time or full-time employee and must work or live in Durham, Orange, or Wake Counties; Have shared a ride, taken a bus, biked or walked to work, on the day that the ride is needed. Registration is easy and free. Visit to register. Go to the GoTriangle ERH page for more details and to sign up today!