Permit Sales FAQ

Permit Sales FAQ


When can I buy an NC State parking permit?

An online semester-based student permit sale begins in early July. You must have a nine-digit student ID to complete your purchase. Resident first-year students are only eligible for an “RS” (resident storage) permit. This permit is a good option for resident students who need access to a vehicle occasionally or for trips home. Resident storage is located on Centennial Campus and is served by the Wolfline bus service. Other commuter options are a free park and ride system and riding Wolfline. Employees can purchase a parking permit at any time. Transportation makes every effort to provide the closest available parking to the employee’s work location. However, due to campus construction projects and space availability, employees may not receive the permit they request as their first choice.

I’m a transfer student, how will I know when I can purchase a permit?

Log into, under Student Homepage select Academic Records. On this page, you will see your registered classes, grades, and the number of credit hours you have completed. The schedule will be posted on the Student Parking page (Fall, Spring, Summer), indicating the days of permit sales and the number of completed credit hours needed to purchase each day.

First-Year Resident Permit Lottery

What is the first-year residential permit lottery?

The first-year residential lottery is the process used to distribute the Resident Storage (RS) permit to students that are eligible.  It eliminates the barrier of not being available to purchase the permit on a certain day at a specific time due to work, vacation, technical difficulties, etc.

How does the lottery work?

During the months of June and July, eligible students will add their name to the lottery waitlist.  Names will be drawn and students will be notified at the beginning of August. The notification will include instructions on how to purchase the parking permit. Students will then have three business days to complete the purchase. Any permits not purchased after three business days will be forfeited, and students will not be added back to the lottery waitlist. This process will repeat itself until the permits have sold out. Exact dates can be found by visiting the student parking page for the fall semester.

Why is this change being made?

To create a more fair process.  The current process requires the student to be available on a certain date at a certain time in order to purchase the permit.  Students will now have two months to add their name to the lottery, and three business days to purchase the permit if selected.

Will the lottery be used for any other permits?

At this time there are no plans to use a lottery for any other residential or commuter permit.

What if I need accessible parking?

Students in need of temporary or long-term parking with a DMV Placard can find more information here.

How will I know if I’ve been selected to purchase a permit?

Students who have been selected to purchase a permit will receive an email at their email address with instructions about how to complete the purchase.

What happens if I do not make the purchase within three days?

If the student fails to purchase the permit by the date included in the instructions, their name will not be added back into the lottery process and they will not be able to purchase an RS permit.

What resident hall must I reside in to be eligible to participate in the lottery?

First-year students with less than 24 completed credit hours who wish to bring their car to campus and are living in Alexander, Bagwell, Becton, Berry, Bowen, Bragaw, Carroll, Gold, Lee, Metcalf, North, Owen, Sullivan, Syme, Tucker, Turlington, Watauga, Welch, Wolf Ridge, and Wood should participate in the permit lottery.  All other residents should visit the Residential Student Permits section of our website for more information about the permit types available to them.


Where in MyPack Portal can I see the number of credit hours I have?
  • Verify your credit hours by checking the Total Units section of your Degree Audit in MyPack Portal. Any concerns about credit hours should be directed to the Office of Registration and Records.


I have a temporary plate/I am buying a new car soon/etc- how should I register my vehicle on my permit?

Purchase your permit with the license plate you are currently driving. When you get a new plate or new vehicle you can easily update this information in our system by going to, login in, and selecting “Modify Account Vehicles.”

I am driving a different vehicle temporarily. What do I do?

No worries, we have got you covered. If you need to add a temporary vehicle to your account follow these steps: Click: Log into your parking account. Choose NC State Shibboleth login, log into your account, and agree with the terms of service. Choose “Vehicles” on the left-hand side of your screen. Choose “Temporary Replacement” for the vehicle you wish to replace. Enter Plate #, State/Prov., Year and Make of the vehicle and click confirm. Enter Replacement Date Range click confirm and click complete. That’s it! Your temporary vehicle is now active. Please note that once the date range you have entered ends, the primary vehicle previously listed will revert back to being the primary vehicle on your permit.

I noticed I can register up to 5 vehicles when purchasing a permit. Is there an additional charge to register more than one vehicle?

There is no additional charge to register more than one vehicle. However, you are only allowed to have one vehicle parked on campus at a time.


What forms of payment are accepted?

Debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).

Do you offer discounted student permits?

No. We do not offer discounted residential permits for two reasons. First, our department is receipts supported, meaning we do not receive any university money at all. All of the programs we manage and the salaries we pay come from permit revenue. Secondly, it would be next to impossible for the university to describe who would be eligible for discounted services and who wouldn’t. With every rule we make there are always situations that fall outside of the parameters about who would be left out.

Can I buy more than one permit?

Unfortunately, we do not allow customers to purchase more than one permit per semester/year. This is because we do not have enough capacity to sell every student or employee who wants a parking permit even one permit, so it would not make sense for us to sell any customer two.

How do I request to change the location of my parking pass?

To request a permit exchange you will need to email with your name, ID number, the permit you purchased and the permit you would like to exchange for.

I purchased the wrong permit by mistake. What do I do to get the correct permit?

To request a permit exchange you will need to email with your name, ID number, and the permit you purchased/the permit you would like to exchange it for.

What are the transportation alternatives I can use if I am unable or ineligible to purchase a parking permit?

Ride Wolfline – our campus bus system. During Fall and Spring semesters, Wolfline serves three Park and Ride locations: Carter-Finley Stadium, Spring Hill, and perimeter-only parking at the Food Lion Shopping Center on Avent Ferry Road (pay attention to signage). The Wolfline serves Main Campus, Vet School, Centennial Campus, E.S. King Village, Avent Ferry Road, Gorman Street, and Fraternity Court. The ten daytime routes (most extended until 10:00 p.m.) and evening routes (until 1:45 a.m.) operate frequently – depending on the time of day or evening. Wolfline operates on a modified schedule with reduced frequency during the summer. NC State offers Carpooling, Vanpooling, and bike/transit/walk services. WolfTrails participants receive discounted rates and additional bonuses like emergency ride home assistance and free drive-day passes. Visit WolfTrails to learn more about these programs.

When purchasing a permit, I was only asked for my billing address. Where can I update my shipping address to ensure I receive the permit in time?

You will not receive a permit in the mail. The license plate of your vehicle will serve as the permit.

I am a student but have a job on campus. Does that make me eligible for an employee permit?

Student employees do not qualify for employee parking.


I no longer need the permit I purchased- how can I return it?

Please complete the Cancel A Virtual Parking Permit form at your earliest convenience.


Can I be on multiple waiting lists?

No- one waiting list only.

If I put myself on the waiting list in the Fall will it carry over to the Spring?

Yes- the waiting list is active for both the Fall and Spring semesters. Once you add your name to the waiting list you will be on the waiting list until you are notified, or until the waiting list is cleared at the end of the Spring semester.

My preferred permit type is sold out what do I do?

Add yourself to the waiting list ASAP. The sooner you get on the waiting list the more likely it is that you will get a permit. We will email your @ncsu email address if/when a permit becomes available for purchase. If you are eligible for other permit types that are still available, you may purchase one of those permits while you wait on the waiting list. If/when a permit becomes available on the waiting list we can exchange the permits.

If I purchase a permit and put my name on the Waitlist for my preferred permit, can I exchange the purchased permit for the preferred permit if it becomes available?

Yes. We will notify you at your @ncsu email address if a permit becomes available.


I did not get a Fall permit, can I get a Spring permit?

Pending availability, we do have open permit sales in the Spring after the permit renewal period. If you do not get a Fall permit, check our website around October for information on Spring permit sales.

If I have a Fall permit, will I still be able to have a permit in the Spring?

Fall permit holders are given the opportunity to renew their permits for Spring during the renewal period, usually in November. Fall permit holders will be emailed information about Spring renewals before they begin- so be sure to check your email!


Can I opt out of getting a non-expiring permit?

If your permit is paid using payroll deduction, you cannot opt out.

How will I know if the cost of the permit will change?

If there is a change in the price of the parking permit, an email will be sent to permit holders at the beginning of June.

How can I stop payroll deduction?

If you would like to stop paying by payroll deduction, please fill out the Cancel A Virtual Parking Permit form.

How do I update my vehicle information?

If you need to update your vehicle information, log into Select Vehicles on the left. Select the vehicle on the right that you want to temporarily or permanently update.

If I pay by credit card is it charged every year?

No. Parking permits paid for with a credit card will expire on June 30. To continue paying with a credit card you will need to come to the Transportation Office to renew your permit. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.