Spin E-Scooters & E-Bikes

Spin E-Scooters & E-Bikes

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What is Spin?

Headquartered in San Francisco, Spin is a leading micromobility company and a unit of Ford Mobility. As a trusted and reliable partner, Spin currently operates electric scooters in many cities and universities nationwide.

How much will it cost to ride a Spin scooter at NC State?

  • Pay-As-You-Go Pricing
    • $1 to unlock + $0.30 per minute
  • Considered Pricing
    • $0.50 to unlock + $0.10 per minute
    • Ten-minute Ride Breakdown
  • Additional Pricing Options
    • Monthly Pass Pricing
      • $5.99 flat monthly rate
      • $0 to unlock + $0.30 per minute
    • We will offer a 24-hour pass, priced at $14.99, to NC State to provide an attractive option for campus visitors, alumni, and tourists. These prices are subject to change.

How fast will the scooters and e-bikes go?

Spin scooters in NC State will have a top speed of 15 mph. E-bikes will have a top speed of 20mph. 

What is the fleet size?

Spin will start with a fleet of 300 scooters and 50 e-bikes will adjust that number based on demand over the course of the program. 

When will the program launch?

Scooters will be available to ride starting on August 5. The full fleet of 300 e-scooter and 50 e-bikes will be phased in during the fall semester.

How long is the partnership between Spin and the university?

Spin will be a micromobility provider for at least 2 years.

Where will Spin scooters be deployed?

Spin scooters will be deployed on North, Central, South, and Centennial Campuses.

Where are the No-Ride Zones?

Maps of the no-ride zones are always visible within the Spin app.

How do you start a ride?

To rent scooters, riders will download the Spin app on their smartphones and unlock the vehicles by scanning their unique QR codes.

Spin Safe

Spin wants you to be safe when using the scooters and bikes. Visit the Spin Safe website where you will find videos about how to start and end a trip, proper parking techniques that are ADA compliant as well as the rules of the road.

As an added bonus, there is a safety quiz at the bottom of the page. Score 100% on the quiz to receive a promo code.

6 Top Tips for Riding Spin Scooters & Bikes

  • Click It Before you Kick It
    • Wear a helmet when riding.
    • Be aware of your surroundings. Get to know your scooter on a quiet street or paved area at a low speed before taking a longer or faster ride.
  • Spin in the Street
    • Do not ride scooters on sidewalks, bike lanes are the best place to ride.
    • Never ride on grass or other unpaved surfaces. Use caution when traveling over ramps.
  • Obey Local Traffic Laws
  • Ride Sober
  • Stay Clear of Large & Turning Vehicles
  • Don’t Block the ‘Walk (When You Park)

What do I do if I have an issue with a scooter or e-bike?

Contact support using the following options: