Dreamville Festival Parking on Centennial Campus

This weekend, April 2-3, Dreamville will have its annual festival on the Dorothea Dix Campus.  This event is expected to attract upwards of 40 thousand attendees, which will result in an increase in traffic on and around Centennial Campus.  

Given the proximity to the event and the number of people and vehicles anticipated, NC State is working with the event’s producer to manage parking in the lots on Centennial Campus.  The majority of the parking lots and decks on Centennial Campus will be made available to festivalgoers this weekend.  Attendees will then walk to the park via Blair Dr.  There will be certain lots reserved for faculty/staff who are required to be on campus at the time of the event.

Attached is a transportation and parking map for your reference. Below are some of the steps being taken to ensure our community has safe access during the weekend:

  • Poulton & MRC decks will remain available for faculty/staff to park
  • Security will be placed in the Engineering Breezeway to ensure that festival attendees do not enter our buildings 
  • Wayfinding from all lots that keep festival attendees on one path so people are not wandering 

NC State University parking permits are not valid for Festival attendees seeking on-campus parking.

Please direct any questions about the festival to info@dreamvillefest.com or visit their FAQ page.