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Pullen Road Patchwork Traffic Impacts on May 26

The contractor was able to complete part of the patching near the Hillsborough St roundabout on 5/25 that was scheduled for 5/26. They will take the rest of the week off & come back on 5/31 after the holiday weekend (7 am-4 pm) to finish the last few patches by the roundabout.

On May 26, the City of Raleigh will complete the remaining patchwork on Pullen Road, from 7 am to 4 pm.  There will be partial road closures broken up into 3 phases.

Phase 3 – close both SB and NB inside lanes.  The traffic shift will occur from the concrete island southward so as not to impact the roundabout traffic.  Flaggers will be used to send all exiting NC State traffic southward toward the roundabout @ Stinson Dr.  Traffic can then either continue southward or turn northward if they choose.  

Phase 4A/B -flip traffic control from phase 3 and work in the outside lanes.  Inside lanes will be allowed to free flow.  The entrances to NC State will have to be alternately closed down when working in the intersection.

Below are maps of the traffic control plan for each phase.

As always, this schedule is subject to the weather.

Phase 3 Traffic Control Plan Map
Phase 4A Traffic Control Plan Map
Phase 4B Traffic Control Plan Map