Pullen Road Resurfacing (Schedule Update)

Today’s sidewalk replacement operations on Pullen Rd have been canceled due to wet conditions. The contractor has modified their work plans for next week to make up for today’s cancellation.

Here is the schedule for the remaining concrete work, weather permitting :

Monday, May 16th

  • 1 EA Ramp replacement @ Pullen/Cates North Bound
  • 1 EA Ramp replacement @ Pullen/Dunn South Bound

 Tuesday, May 17th

  • 3 EA Ramp replacement @ Pullen/Stinson(Southside of Roundabout)

 Wednesday, May 18th (6:00 am Start)

  • 3 EA Ramp replacement @ Pullen/Stinson(Northside of Roundabout)
  • 1 EA Ramp replacement @ Pullen South Bound(In front of Winslow Hall)

 Thursday, May 19th (6:00 am Start)

  • 2 EA Ramp replacement @ Pullen North Bound( Pullen Arts Center)

 Friday, May 20th (6:00 am Start)

  • 1 EA Ramp replacement @ Pullen/Hillsborough North Bound

For the next four weeks, beginning May 9 and ending around June 8, Pullen Road will be resurfaced from the Hillsborough St. roundabout to the interchange ramps at Western Blvd.  The work will start near Hillsborough St. and move towards Western Blvd.

Here is a breakdown of the schedule:

  • May 9 to May 19-concrete work where they will work on the ADA Ramps
  • May 24 to June 1-they will patch the road
  • June 6 to June 7-they will mill and fill the road, at night
  • June 8-they will work on the signal loops

Please use caution when traveling through this area.