Carpool FAQ

Carpool FAQ


If I carpool with someone who is not an NC State employee, am I eligible for a CP parking credential?

Carpools with two people, with only one (1) university employee, are not eligible for the CP parking credential. However, carpools with two or more members with at least two (2) NC State employees are eligible for the CP parking credential. Only university employees will be allowed to utilize the CP parking credential.

My potential carpool partner currently possesses a B parking credential and he/she does not want to give up their permit, but they do want to carpool. Can we still apply for the CP parking credential?

All carpool participants must relinquish their current parking credentials (the CP privilege provides access to all B lots). If you want to try carpooling on a trial basis, please contact us at 919-515-1609. During the trial period, all existing credentials must be relinquished. If carpooling doesn’t work, participants may buy back original privileges.


Who do I contact with more questions about carpooling?

Call 919-515-1613 or contact WolfTrails


I want to carpool, but I’m concerned about the times when I have to drive separately for appointments, etc.

The 24-free parking credentials annual limit promotes regular (5-day/week) carpools. (24 daily permits per participant.) Each participant may purchase additional day parking privileges for $5 each. The program is set up to allow carpool participants to drive to campus separately twice per month.