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Construction Parking Information


This policy ensures construction projects on campus have minimal impact on parking resources while attempting to meet the project’s needs. All projects, formal and informal, will be reviewed by Transportation who will collaborate with the University’s Project Manager to determine parking impact, mitigation, and provision of parking resources to the project and associated contractors. Any exception to this policy will be at the discretion of Transportation on a case-by-case basis and shall not be considered precedent or binding. Transportation reserves the right to modify or change project parking arrangements to ensure the effective use of parking resources commensurate with any project legal obligations.

Important Policies and Information

Parking Citations

Tickets may be issued for any violations listed in the Transportation Ordinances, including parking in a no-parking zone (such as on sidewalks, bricks, or landscape), parking outside of the assigned area, or moving Transportation signage. More information about parking violations can be found on the Fines, Rules, and Towing webpage.

Any company or individual with outstanding parking fines will not be allowed to purchase parking permits until the outstanding fines are paid. Unpaid parking citations will be forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office for collection from the registered owner of the vehicle.

Road Closures

If partial or full road closures are required, the contractor must inform NC State Transportation at least three business days before the closure for public notification. The contractor will also post flagmen and appropriate signage in these situations.

Please refer to the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) – – Part 6 Temporary Traffic Control, for specifications. If the contractor fails to comply and NC State Transportation has to send enforcement to direct or redirect traffic, the contractor will be billed $50.00 per staff member per hour, with a two-hour minimum.

NC State Transportation strongly suggests that road closures be scheduled on weekends or during class breaks.

Work Site

General site safety and cleanliness are the responsibility of the contractor. A poorly maintained site is a negative reflection on both the contractor and North Carolina State University. Projects must maintain a safe, clean area in and around the designated staging area. Fencing, barriers, equipment, or vehicles should be placed so as not to be a hazard for pedestrian or vehicular traffic. The contractor is responsible for returning parking spaces used for staging, lay down, and reserved parking to their original condition unless specified otherwise in the construction contract documents.


The general contractor is responsible for communicating relevant information to all subcontractors at all times. Failure to communicate these requirements may result in denying general contractor parking for the remainder of the project. The final payment for the construction contract will not be released until all outstanding violations have been resolved. Failure to communicate these guidelines does not relieve a contractor or a subcontractor from responsibility for any parking citations received on campus.

Contractor Vehicle Parking

Parking permits are required for every vehicle parked on campus unless the vehicle has paid to park in an hourly pay location. Contractor permits are sold on a daily and monthly basis and may be purchased online or in person in our office located at Administrative Services I.

Contractor parking permits are virtual; the license plate on the vehicle acts as the parking permit. When parked on campus, the vehicle’s license plate must be visible from the drive lane of the parking lot for the permit to be valid. Back-in or pull-through parking is prohibited unless the vehicle displays a front license plate. Parking permits are only valid for the license plate number of the vehicle registered to the permit. Parking permits are not valid in hourly pay locations.

Free contractor parking is available at the Carter-Finley Park and Ride and is served by our free Wolfline bus into campus. There are no limitations to daytime parking in these lots.

Contractor Vehicle Parking Permit Pricing

  • Daily Contractor- $15
  • Monthly Contractor- $75

Contractor Parking Location Options

  • (TVF-V) Perimeter: General- allows parking in all CB, CC, and W Parking Decks, DD Parking Deck (levels 2 and above), and F, W, V, RH, and CC Surface Lots
  • (TVC-CD) C Areas, Coliseum Deck: General- allows parking in all C areas, RV, V, W, GV, RH, F, Dan Allen Parking Deck (DD level 2 and above), and Coliseum Parking Deck (CD level 2 and above)
  • (TVB) B Areas: General- allows gate access to B areas using license plate recognition cameras, parking in all B areas and C areas
  • Please see our Campus Parking Map for reference.

Contractor Virtual Permit Purchase Instructions

  • Visit
  • Select “Purchase Event Permit”
  • Agree to the Terms of Service
  • Select “Vendor/Contractor Permits”
  • Select Contractor Daily Permit OR Contractor Monthly Permit
  • When prompted, enter NCSUContractor as the Event Voucher Code. The code is case-sensitive and must
  • be entered exactly as shown. Click Confirm.
  • Select Permit Type
  • Select/Confirm your parking dates. Click Confirm.
  • Select Location.
  • Click “Add Vehicle”. Enter vehicle license plate, state, year, make, and model. Review information
  • entered for accuracy and click Add.
  • Enter the client’s name and phone number. Click Confirm.
  • Click Continue.
  • Enter your email address to receive confirmation of your parking permit. Click Checkout.
  • Review the payment amount and click Continue.
  • Enter credit card information and click Continue.
  • Review information. Click Confirm.

Are you driving a rental car? If so, please wait to obtain your parking permit until you receive your rental car. Vehicle license plates cannot be changed once entered. You must obtain your parking permit before leaving your vehicle unattended on campus.

If you need assistance obtaining your permit, please contact the Transportation Office at (919) 515-3424 or

Reserved Spaces/Staging Areas

The purpose of a staging area is to provide an adequate area for laying down materials, waste containers, and construction equipment. Staging areas are designated for materials and must be fenced off. Reserved areas are designated for vehicle parking. NC State Transportation is not liable for stolen materials.

Landscape Services must approve staging areas outside of parking areas. NC State University Policy on Vehicular Access to Brick and Turf Areas can be found on the NC State Policies webpage.

Staging areas will be determined during the project design cycles to allow Transportation adequate time to address parking impacts. NC State Transportation must approve staging areas and any changes to the initial staging configuration in advance.

The contractor is responsible for maintaining and restoring any damage to parking areas, including cleaning, removing debris, and restriping parking stalls deteriorated by the project. Waste containers must have plywood beneath them to protect the asphalt.

Reserved Space/Staging Area Pricing

Reserved Space FeeStaging Area Fee
Staging areas are designated for materials and must be fenced off. Reserved areas are designated for vehicle parking. 

Reserved Space/Staging Area Application

Please complete the NC State Contractor Staging Area Request Form to request reserved space or staging areas for a project. Please allow up to five business days for processing.

Payment/Billing Information for Reserved Spaces/Staging Areas

All reserved spaces must be paid upfront unless they are eligible for internal/external Billing.

The billing process for a project’s staging area or reserved spaces will be handled according to the project duration. Projects lasting more than three (3) months are billed quarterly over the duration of the project, while projects lasting less than three (3) months are billed at the beginning of the project.

Contractors must contact NC State Transportation and schedule a walk-through inspection upon completion to relinquish parking rights and responsibilities.

Billings will continue through the requested reservation end date unless Transportation receives written or electronic notification that the spaces are no longer needed and/or being utilized.

Summer Break Waiver

A waiver of staging area fees may be considered if the following conditions are satisfied:

  • Projects must begin after May 6, 2024, and be completed before August 2, 2024. Projects that extend into August will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Staging areas must be restored to their original condition before the completion of the project.

Summer Waivers are not guaranteed and must be approved by Transportation before the start of the project. NC State Project Managers do not have the authority to approve a Summer Waiver.

The Summer Waiver can only be applied to construction staging areas; parking fees for contractors will not be waived.

If projects do not meet the requirements above, or the project duration extends beyond what was originally predicted, NC State Transportation will charge the responsible paying party for any associated fees.

Please complete the NC State Summer Construction Staging Waiver Application to request a Summer Waiver. Please allow a minimum of five business days for processing and approval.

Service Provider (SP) Parking Permit

The Service Provider (SP) parking permit is intended for use by Service Providers whose primary purpose for being on campus is to repair and/or maintain campus equipment and infrastructure. Individuals whose work meets this definition and who utilize a non-state licensed vehicle (including personal vehicles) or are not affiliated with NC State can request to purchase this parking permit. A service contract with NC State is required to purchase this parking permit.

Service Provider (SP) Parking Permit Pricing

  • Annually- $768- this price prorates down weekly

Service Provider (SP) Locations

The SP permit does not reserve a specific parking space. The SP permit validates parking in any “SV” or non-reserved space. The SP permit may not park in A4, AS, or RD spaces. If the vehicle driver has a state-issued ADA placard registered in his/her name and displays both the placard and the University permit, they may park in ADA Accessible spaces. Please see our Campus Parking Map for reference.

Service Provider (SP) Parking Permit Application

To apply for a Service Provider (SP) parking permit, please complete the NC State Non-University SP Application. Please allow five business days for processing and approval.

Please contact NC State Transportation at (919) 515-3424 or