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Events, camps and conferences are an integral part of the campus environment and need advance planning with the Transportation office. Parking is limited to specific areas based on space availability, the time of year, other events, construction projects, camp or conference location, type of activity, number of attendees, and other factors.

A minimum of two weeks notice is required when requesting event parking.

Visitor Parking

Event Module

Event Module Permits are a simple and easy way to provide parking to your guests without needing to obtain a guest list or email addresses. Once an event permit is created, parking spaces become reserved for your event. Once created, Event Permits can be obtained here.


Parking locations are based on availability.  We ask for your event location in order to accommodate your guests with the closest parking available. Spaces are limited.

  • Parking rates are flexible based on the amount of time your guests need to park on campus.
  • If your guests need 3 hours or less of parking we are able to match pay lot rates, $3.00 for one hour of parking plus $2.00 for each additional hour.
  • Parking over three hours is charged at a rate of $10.00 for the day.

  • Each event requires an event voucher code which allows your guest to obtain a permit for your event. The event code is chosen by and distributed by the host. We require that the code includes at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number.
Important Information
  • Event permits may not be obtained by students, faculty, or staff without prior approval.
  • University Policy does not allow departments to purchase parking for students or employees, i.e. full-time employees, part-time employees, temporary employees, extension employees, etc.
  • Vehicle information may not be changed once entered.
  • Guests with rental vehicles should wait to obtain their parking permit until after they have received their rental car.

Paystation and ParkMobile Validation Codes

Validation Codes may be used to pay for guests parking at the pay by plate locations. Validation Codes are entered upon arrival at the pay station located inside of the pay lot or using the ParkMobile app. They are designed to be distributed to participants prior to the event day.


We offer validation codes for the following pay by plate locations:

  • Paystation Locations: Capability, Partners Way, Poulton, Bell Tower, Dan Allen Carriage Way, Ferndell, Weisiger-Brown, and West Lots
  • Any ParkMobile Location: Location Map
  • Advance payment is required before generating the validation codes.
  • Payment is non-refundable and may be mailed in or paid via Credit Card here in our office. NC State Departments may pay via IDT.
  • Parking validation codes must be purchased in a minimum bundle of 25 at no less than 2 hours each. A maximum amount of validation codes may vary based on availability per day.
  • Two hours of parking will be charged at a rate of $5.25 plus $2.00 for each additional hour that parking is needed, up to $15.25 per day.
  • Validation Codes hold no cash value after expiration, June 30, 2022
Important Information
  • Validation codes do not guarantee parking availability.
  • The host would need to issue an individual validation code to each participant before their arrival.
  • When using Paystation Validation Codes, your guests will enter their validation code and license plate # at the paystation inside the lot upon arrival.
  • When using ParkMobile Validation Codes, your guests will enter code using the ParkMobile app upon arrival. 

Reserved Space

  • Space includes “Reserved” sign with date and time of reservation.
  • $30.00/space/day
  • Cost for one additional line of text, up to 12 characters, added on the reserved space sign is $5.00

Valet Parking

Valet parking requires the use of Valet Staff, Parking Spaces, and Cones. NCSU Transportation may require a parking attendant to monitor spaces prior to valet service.

Valet Staff
  • Staff arrives nicely dressed in black and white to park vehicles and provide parking stubs. Price shown is hourly per person, three-hour minimum required. Quantity of staff required is based on the number of vehicles expected.
  • $34.00/hour
Parking Spaces
  • Parking spaces are required for valet parking. Price shown is the cost per space, 50 space minimum required.
  • $20.00/space
  • Cones will be placed in each parking space the day of the event to ensure space availability. Price shown is per cone, 50 cone minimum required.
  • $2.00/cone


Custom Signs
  • Full-color custom event sign, frame included.
  • $75.00 each
Directional Signage
  • “Event Parking” signs may be placed at major entry points directing patrons to specific parking areas. Pricing varies based on quantity.
  • $60.00+
Digital Sign Boards
  • Signboard scrolls through three screens each with three lines of text, eight characters per line.
  • Maximum of two signs may be placed for a maximum of 5 days each.
  • $250.00 each



Cones may be used to mark routes or guide guests. Price shown is per individual cone. Placement of cones must be approved by NCSU Transportation.

  • $2.00 per cone
  • The cost to replace a lost, damaged, or unreturned cone is $25.00 per cone


Barricades may be used to mark routes or guide guests. Price shown is per individual barricade. Placement of barricades must be approved by NCSU Transportation.

  • $75.00 per barricade

Replacement A-Frame

Cost to replace a lost, damaged, or unreturned sign frame. Price shown is per each individual frame.

  • $100.00 per frame

Reserved Lots

Weekend Surface Lot Rental

Additional parking lots may be reserved on weekends for event parking based on availability. Lots may only be rented for use of parking vehicles within marked spaces. Parking decks are not included in the rates below. Please contact us for weekend parking deck rates.

  • 0-100 parking spaces $150.00/day
  • 101-200 parking spaces $300.00/day
  • 201-300 parking spaces $450.00/day
  • 300+ parking spaces $600.00/day


Parking Attendant

Attendants will check permits, monitor the lot and provide directions. Price shown is hourly per person, three-hour minimum required.

  • $25.00/hour

Traffic Control Officer

Traffic Officers are certified through Raleigh Police to direct traffic in the street. Price shown is hourly per person, four-hour minimum required.

  • $30.00/hour

Steps to Request Event Parking

Considerations for Planning Event Parking

  • You must notify the Transportation office at least 10 business days in advance if you need to request assistance with one or more large vehicles, buses, or equipment. Contact Parking Events Services, Special Events.
  • When setting up for the event, loading and unloading can be arranged for short durations close to the site. Vehicles will be required to move to the appropriate parking location upon completion of the loading or unloading of materials. Contact Parking Events Services, Special Events.