Summer Session Daytime Routes / Schedules

Timepoints are locations where the bus is required to leave no earlier than the posted departure time. They are important in trip planning as a rider can consult a timetable and know precisely that a bus will not leave any earlier than that shown departure time. All the other times in the timetable are estimates, so there is a possibility that the bus would leave earlier than the posted time.

Route List (8)

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Route NumberDescriptionMajor StopsTransloc Link
Frequency: times / Minutes
Rt. 30Main Campus East-West Connector– Wolf Village
– Student Health
– Current Dr./ Stinson Dr.
– Witherspoon
– West Deck
Find this bus7:00 am – 10:10 pm (35 Min)
Route 30 Timetable
Rt. 40Connecting Centennial Campus and Main Campus– Cent. Pkwy/Burger King
– COE EBII/Oval Dr
– Burger King
– Morrill Dr./ Cates Ave
– Jeter Dr./Dunn Ave
– Carmichael Gym/Talley
Find this bus7:00 am – 6:20 pm (30 Min)
Route 40 Timetable
Rt. 41Connecting Centennial Campus & Main Campus – Scott Hall
– Carmichael Gym/Talley
– RS Lot (Centennial Pkwy)
– Avent Ferry Rd
Find this bus7:00 am – 10:00 pm (35 Min)
Route 41 Timetable
Rt. 42Centennial Campus Circulator– Conifer Dr. / Gorman St.
– Avent Ferry Rd. / Gorman St.
– College of Textiles
Find this bus7:00 am – 10:00 pm (20 Min)
Route 42 Timetable
Rt. 43Connecting Centennial Campus and Main Campus– Wolf Village
– King Village (Gorman St.)
– West Deck
– College of Textiles
– Varsity/Marcom St
– Greek Village
Find this bus7:00 am – 10:00 pm (30 Min)
Route 43 Timetable
Rt. 51Serving Varsity Lot & McKimmon Center– Varsity Parking Lot (Shelter 2)
– West Deck
– DH Hill Library
Find this bus7:10 am – 6:15 pm (25 Min)
Route 51 Timetable
Rt. 52Serving Gorman Street and Greek Village– Avent Ferry Complex
– Gorman St/King St
– Varsity/Marcom St
– Scott Hall
– Greek Village (Varsity Dr.)
Find this bus7:00 am – 6:20 pm (15 Min) &
6:20 pm – 10:07 pm (25 Min)
Route 52 Timetable
Rt. 60SServing Serving Centennial Biomedical Campus, Hillsborough St and Scott Hall– CBC (Inbound)
– Meredith College (Inbound)
– Scott Hall
– Meredith College (Outbound)
– CBC (Outbound)
Find this bus7:12:00 am – 6:15 pm (25 Min)
Route 60 Timetable