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Wolfline FAQ

Riding the Wolfline

We ask that you exit through the rear door for safety considerations and to speed up the loading/unloading process. Your driver may occasionally ask you to exit out a particular door due to a mechanical problem or a safety concern outside the vehicle. If this occurs, please cooperate with your bus driver. ADA passengers can always exit via the front door to utilize the bus’s ADA features.

To request the next stop, pull the yellow cord located above the bus seat to activate the “Stop Requested” signal. If the cord malfunctions, ask the driver by stating, “Next stop, please.”

Wolfline is open to the public.

All Wolfline buses have ramps and can kneel level with the curb. They also have two bays for securing mobility devices.

No. To ensure the safety of riders, pedestrians, and automobile drivers, Wolfline buses are only authorized to stop at posted stops. Attempting to flag down a bus that has left a stop and is merging with other traffic is especially dangerous. Serving non-posted stops also increases the travel time and the likelihood that the bus cannot maintain its posted schedule.

Wolfline is a robust transit system with higher route frequencies than most agencies. If you miss the bus, there will likely be another bus within 6-15 minutes, depending on your desired route. Please plan to catch an earlier bus, especially during peak service times rather than cut it too close. Wolfline does experience full buses during peak class times. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with all the Wolfline routes – often, boarding a bus serving another route is an option. If you miss the final bus and feel unsafe, you may call University Police at 919-515-3000 and request a Safety Escort. All Wolfline routes end service on campus for safety.

Current maps and schedules can be found on the Wofline website. When viewing the online timetable, notice that some bus stops are designated as a “TIMEPOINT.” This means a bus is scheduled to depart from the location at this time. All other locations display estimated departure times. On our Wolfline maps, time points are shown as a red dot with a black outer circle. Regular bus stops are simply a red dot. Using the departure time from the nearest time point, an estimated time can be determined for the bus stop closest to your location. You can also use the PassioGo tracking System or the PassioGo app to see the location of your bus in “real-time”! The desktop version and mobile app display all Wolfline bus stops and estimated wait times for each route serving a selected stop. People with low vision or blindness can call NC State Transportation at 919-515-3424 for assistance with real-time bus locations of Wolfline routes.

The quickest way to get up-to-the-minute information is to check out the PassioGo announcements page or download the PassioGo app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. When there is a service change, we also post up-to-date information on our Website under the “Recent News” section and on the Wolfline Twitter feed @ncsuwolfline.


The University Transit Manager can be reached by email or Call 919-515-WOLF. The contractor dispatch office can be reached by phone at 919-800-4743.

Contact the Transit Manager by calling 919-515-WOLF or by e-mail.

We attempt to offer the best possible service. We constantly strive to improve service, and your feedback is very important. Please share service concerns or complaints via e-mail, call 919-515-WOLF to leave a message, or speak directly to the Wolfline transit manager at 919-513-7400. We take your complaints and suggestions seriously. We investigate all comments and complaints and make adjustments in service where possible. Expect a response to your call or email within 48 hours.


The quickest way to get up-to-the-minute information is to check out the PassioGo announcements page or download the PassioGo app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. When there is a service change, we also post up-to-date information on our Website, under “Recent News,” and on Wolfline’s Twitter feed @ncsuwolfline.

Yes, when Fall/Spring/Summer classes are in session on the Friday before and Monday following the weekend. The current schedule can be found on the Wolfline website.

General Information

The Transportation office performs service planning for Wolfline at least three times annually in preparation for each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer). Each planning session considers future accommodations for the university’s ever-changing landscape. Periodically, Transportation consults with external transportation professionals for long-term planning. Currently, Wolfline is implementing the Campus Mobility Plan initiatives as campus growth dictates and funding allows.

When you work for Wolfline, you work for the national transit service provider company hired by the University to operate Wolfline. Call TransDev directly at 919-800-4729.

The budget for Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters is over $7M. This figure includes costs for operations, vehicles (buses), maintenance, fuel, and the PassioGo system.

Call 919-800-4743, the contact number of our bus service provider, TransDev. They will do their best to locate your lost item. It is always helpful to provide as much information as possible about your Wolfline trip and your item (e.g., Route number, bus ID number, time of day of your trip, color, shape, and brand name).

A full bus is defined as one that is at maximum capacity and cannot board additional passengers. A Wolfline bus has a capacity of about 60 students. If our ridership analysis identifies an ongoing overcrowding issue, we may add buses during the period when overcrowding occurs. We attempt to adjust or shift service resources rather than add vehicles. If enrollment statistics or our ridership analysis indicate a problem that minor adjustments will not fix, we may request an increase in the student transit fee to procure additional vehicles to address the problem.

Special Events

For details about chartering Wolfline vehicles for University-affiliated events, please contact TransDev, the service provider, at 919-800-4743.

Yes. The Red Terror provides service to and from home football (three hours before kickoff) and basketball (two hours before tipoff) games. Buses run continuously throughout the game, with service ending 90 minutes after the game ends.