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    Membership is valid for one year, July 1-June 30. Questions? Email ncsu-wolftrails@ncsu.edu

    By checking the "I agree" box, I acknowledge and accept the following:

    1. I am a full-time, actively enrolled NC State undergraduate or graduate student.
    2. I live off-campus.
    3. I do not have a current NC State parking permit for any area, (or cancel your permit)
    4. My classes are located on campus in an NC State Transportation permitted area.
    5. The 6 daily parking passes are not to be sold, traded, gifted or otherwise offered to an unauthorized user.
    6. Unused virtual daily permits cannot be transferred between semesters.
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  • By clicking on the "Submit" button, the participants listed above certify that the information entered above is true. The participants also understand that they are responsible for reporting any changes in information and for complying with the program rules and regulations.