Specialty Permits

Specialty Permits

Service Provider (SP) Parking Permit

Service providers repair and maintain campus equipment and infrastructure. Service Provider (SP) permits may be purchased at the Transportation office.

Annually (20-21)

Construction Contractor Parking Permits

Construction contractors can obtain short and long-term parking permits. Review Contractor Staging Area Request Form for important information, costs, and instructions for contractors prior to bid submittal.

– Short-term, daily contractor permits can be purchased online.

$75 – Monthly (20-21)

Long-term parking requests – contact 919-515-3424.

Accessible Parking Permits

Individuals who require short or long-term accessible parking must comply with policies and procedures for requesting an accessible parking permit. The certified attending physician must provide an assessment of the individual’s needs and limitations. Paperwork for an accessible permit can be mailed, faxed, submitted in person at the Transportation office. Our fax number is 919-515-7650. Transportation will review the request for parking and provide parking based on the individual’s needs and the availability of parking.

If the application is mailed or faxed please call  919-515-3424 to verify receipt of paperwork related to your accessible parking request.

Dependent Upon Area Requested

Individuals who are approved for long-term or permanent accessible parking must display a valid state-issued handicapped parking placard or plate in conjunction with NC State parking credentials.

All transit vehicles are universally accessible. Fringe parking lots and park and ride lots have accessible parking spaces.

 Any individual who falsifies or misrepresents their medical condition or misuses a state-issued handicapped parking placard or plate will lose parking privileges and will be subject to additional parking fines.

For more information on accessible parking, contact Transportation at 919-515-3424 option 1.

Loading and Unloading Permits

Individuals: Loading/unloading permits may be issued to people who have a short-term need to access loading areas/docks on campus.
Permits are valid for 30 minutes only in designated loading zones/spaces. Permits may be obtained at the Visitor Information Center located on Stinson Drive or at the Transportation Office.

Campus departments: May request a loading zone permit for shared use by departmental members while conducting departmental business. Departments may download the request form for a loading/unloading permit below.

No charge
 for a temporary loading/unloading pass – valid in designated loading/unloading spaces only.

$42 per year (FY 19-20) $45 per year (FY 20-21) Departmental hang tag loading/unloading permit to share.